Harley Quinn S2, E5 Reaction Thread - 🚨 WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD 🚨

Well in the last episode Joker cops to Jason Todd’s murder, and I think Harley says at some point that she was with the joker for a specific number of years that I am forgetting. Pretty sure the kiddo Robin is Damian but it could be Tim Drake I suppose. Honestly the writers for this play fast and loose with the canon so I wouldnt get too attached to that shite.

Just laugh at the spoofy in jokes. It’s just a super violent foul mouthed cartoon.

Hoooooly ■■■■… that is awesome

I, honestly, dont find it super preachy. It’s not like pretty much everything that the WB puts out on TV. Somehow this show has been managing to drop some of that wokeness on viewers without climbing up their own keesters. And the opener did feel more like self-deprecation than anything else to me. I hope they keep it up too. That stuff gets so tiring after a while and it really killed the WB TV shows for me. Which sucks because there is so much potential in the DC franchise. I’m hoping they dont loose sight of that as it will cause me to lose interest very quickly.