Harley Quinn S2 E5 review from Lazyalaska :D

So this evening I had finally watched the latest Episode of Harley Quinn with Fantastic Company over Pizza. And I had seen the episode being advertised on the homepage about 2 days ago and it Was very clear as to what was going to happen in the episode, and honestly it spoiled my mood and energy so I didnt have a Urge to watch the episode right away. But I was greatly Mistaken…

Ohhhhh My God. I absolutely loved this episode. Let me start. THAT INTRO oh my god. I was dying laughing. I loved it. As for the show itself. It was an amazing way for the show to take a step back and let it spread some light on some other areas in gotham. Seeing Batgirl scream when meeting Batman was absolutely cute. I loved this character of Batgirl. Seeing Batmans reaction on her was fantastic. There was so much to love about this episode its so difficult to try and point out my favorites. But I will just point out some other ones. My favorite top three favorite characters are Harley - King Shark - Bane. Bane was ■■■■■■■ amazing in this episode. This is my favorite episode. Bane just steals the show any time he is on screen. Seeing Bane fuel up after Batmans comment on it were a 50-50 partnership it be Three Faces had my laughing so hard I couldnt breath. He had my dying of laughter in this episode. Batman and Banes arguments have to be a honorable mention. I cant wait to see what they have in store for Gotham next. Might I say that ending was also grand. I see it as a Characteristic of Harley for the writers to break the fourth wall like that.

I know I could have posted this in the comments on DC universes post but Im just your friend from Anchorage Alaska and I wanna hear you all. It makes my day and puts a smile on my face when someone comments and communicates with me on here. With Peace and Love, Have a Great Day