Harley Quinn S2, E7 Reaction Thread - 🚨 WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD 🚨

I just got done reading several Harley Quinn comics and I’m surprised Red Tool wasn’t on the show, unless Kite-Man is more or less replacing him. Maybe he’ll show up someday, along with the other misfits from the Harley Quinn comics.

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Poor Kite-Man.

I’m done with Harley Quinn for a while. Doing this to a character like that doesn’t sit well with me. It would’ve been different if she hadn’t said yes to Kite-Man, but she did.

It’s cruel.


The kiss just sort of happened in the moment. I don’t think Kite Man was considered until immediately after it happened. This seemed like a “did we really just do this?” response. Did Harley initiate this and Poison Ivy was just shocked and couldn’t stop this(?) or did she participate and want the kiss? This storyline has to play out further to truly define how Kite Man fits into it.

As I said in my initial comments at the top of this thread, I think it would have had more dramatic punch to have Kite Man witness this, but this can/could be handled in future episodes as a secret admission to confess what happened.

Not trying to convince you to continue watching if you don’t want to, but we don’t know what’s happening with Kite Man. I find it odd that he wouldn’t be somewhere trying to help them out while they were in the pit. We got really nothing on his reaction to what happened to the love of his life, which was an odd narrative decision. Still, there are plenty more episodes to tell us what Kite Man was up to and why he was MIA.


Everyone is definitely entitled to their own opinion!!

Harley Quinn is a great show though So I’m bummed that you feel that

I think it’s important to take note of the situation and what really called for it.Harley is finally realizing what love looks like without Joker. Harley has been Ivys one person and after all the times Ivy has come to save Harley she finally reciprocated.

Ivy literally watched Harley plummet to what would have been her death. I can’t even imagine the thoughts and emotions running through that. I think it’s not entirely shocking that this happened especially how close they are, but I don’t think it was to intentionally hurt kite-man. I think it was spur of the moment and emotion just called for it.

At least that’s how i saw it… I hope you continue to watch though :slight_smile:




So was rewatching and did anyone notice that Sheryl is the officer from the GCPD in episode one of season two love the way they keep background characters amd their story lines

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So because someone is finding their sexuality you have an issue with it? Many lesbians go through this. Many bisexual women go through this. :woman_facepalming:


Not at all.

The issue is with literally spending a lot of time humanizing a loveable loser, Kite-Man (Hell Yeah) just to hurt him in a way beyond words. It’s in credibly cruel to do.

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Whats “cruel” is someone not being aloud to love who they truly want just to placate FAR out-dated societal expectations.
No one cared about Kiteman before this show, but many of us have ALWAYS cared about Harls & Ivy. :purple_heart:
If you truly came for romance —that’s the couple you should be rooting for.


So realizing before you marry someone that you don’t love them like that is cruel? She should not be who she is and love who she loves to avoid his feelings? Dude as someone who hid her feelings for decades for others I can tell you nothing is crueler than faking it. :woman_shrugging:


She’s not cruel.

The show writers are cruel. Just as you can relate to Harley/Ivy I relate to Kite-man. I’m allowed to do that just as much as you are.

The loveable loser who tried his best, who looked like he’d finally found someone to share his life with, gets it all ripped down.

It would’ve been less cruel to simply have Ivy never say yes.

You may not understand how painful something like that can be, but it’s pretty bad. It’s just not cool.

Soo then nobody should ever be in a relationship because heaven forbid you fall out of love with someone or it doesn’t work out? Smh, women are allowed to fall in love and allowed to fall out of love. The show is hopefully showing what a lot of young lgtbq people go through before accepting who they are. Sorry the “loveable loser” doesn’t get the girl

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