Hawk & Dove (2011-) #1

Hawk & Dove (2011-) #1

I’m trying to read this but some of the words are so blurry. Please fix.


Read the 80s hawk and dove if you want a more appealing art style no offense but this want the best art to display these characters.

I dig Liefeld’s style. I comprehend all of the criticisms, but don’t understand the level of vitriol some people heap on him. I like his style, and it works well for these characters.

I remember when this title came out I was incredibly excited. I am huge fan of the '89 Kessel series. And ever since the events of Armageddon 2001… not much has been done with these two.

I love the Hank/Dawn dynamic.

The slight redux from avatars of chaos and order to war and peace is okay. But I liked the nuance that chaos and order offered the characters in the '89 series better.

Still… I love these characters and these designs and I am happy they are getting some publicity on DCU and in the upcoming Titans series.

First time ever reading Hawk and Dove… Although that doesn’t really say or mean much as I’m barely starting my journey into comicbook reading thanks to this amazing app.

First Impressions: Just a tad bit confusing at times but I really like the idea of two inseparable powers. It was ok to say the least. Enough to get me intrigued on Dove and how/why she came in the picture. Overall, pretty accessible for first-time readers of Hawk and Dove. The art is pretty nice on the titular characters. I feel like Hawk pops off screen a little more though. Maybe it’s the nature of his Avatar of War persona. Onto issue #2!!! Happy reading everyone!


Tried to read this series but some text is so blurry…couldnt get past the first issue. Please fix.