Hawk & Dove (2011-) #3

Hawk & Dove (2011-) #3

Oh man. The dialogue got fairly choppy and wooden on this one.

Aside from corny dialogue at times, this was an improvement for me. I’m noticing that not much is revealed with each issue and the answers come slowly. I got more insight and I’m curious to know what questions will be asked and answered in the “Interrogation”. I also enjoyed getting more of Deadman’s character. I understand Hawk’s nature is that of war but sometimes his character comes off as a little too obnoxious for me. Still digging the art though!

Again, I’m not a veteran reader of Hawk and Dove… or a veteran comicbook reader at that… but have the characters always had similar character choices/dialogue/expressions etc. ? Specifically Hawk?

Questions I’d like answered with the next issues:
How does Dove’s replacement of Hawk’s brother tie in? Whats the correlation?
What is the Circle?
WHO are these two - Condor and Swan and what do they want other than their powers? Why?
Wtf happened to Swan!?

Happy reading!!

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