Hawk & Dove (2011-) #4

Hawk & Dove (2011-) #4

Not much going on in this one… setting up the way avatars work in this iteration.

Still digging Liefeld’s style.

I feel like this was quite a fast read. For me, I appreciated getting more and more info on the Avatars. Still stand by what I said on the previous issue: the answers come slowly. Not much was really answered. As a matter of fact, more questions were raised. Questions are good. I just hope the pay off is worth it! 4 issues in, I can say I’m pretty freakin excited to see what Titans does with these characters! On to the next!

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Totally love this series, not sold on Swan being a bad guy, but I am rolling with it. The art work alone is incredible. Plus I am new to Hawk an Dove, an going back to the New 52, on this, is such a money saver here on DC Universe !!!