HBOMax launch personal highlights

Beware the Batman
Batwoman series
Live action DCEU films

I’m into it.


The DC page on HBOMax looks like what we all hoped the movie content here would be. But I was surprised by the lack of DC Animated movies, especially since a lot aren’t on here either right now. Also DC Universe is still the only place to watch most DC animated shows, all I saw on Max was Teen Titans and Beware the Batman.


I’ve been wanting to watch beware the Batman recently and was super stoked to see it. My downsides to the service no man of steel, I really wanted to watch Batman v Superman ultimate edition which they only have theatrical, and a lack of Cartoon Network shows.


I’m watching Beware the Batman for the first time!!

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I really loved it and wish there was more. I hope you dig it too.

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Everybody with HBO Max
Should look at Main.Menu on zupper Right
Like DC Universe
HBO Max has a last chance

I watched one

Lego natman

Like it very much

Over the top

Watch ii whil;e it is still there.

I dig it. I hope DC Comics bring new animated series.

I’m holding off diving in until the HBOMax app is available on Roku.