House of Horror 7 - Member Picks Vol. 1 (11/19-12/2)

Greetings ghouls and monsters! This is the first edition of member picks for House of Horror. A while back I asked everyone in the House of Horror Newsletter for suggestions. Granted, our last entry did have some member picks as well, however, those were already planned for the most part. In this entry, we are going to be celebrating Thanksgiving with Spectre issue 6. Finally, we see a Thanksgiving story that has evil Pilgrims! Then we are going to move on to our first member pick curated by @dave_worrell, DC Comics Presents Night Force 1. This is a long one as it is 4 issues combined. Then we will read a few suggestions from @LaserPuff. Doorway to Nightmare 1 and Witching Hour 1. To close out our reading we are going to continue reading the House of Mystery 7 and 8 (2008). I hope everyone has a safe Thanksgiving!!!

If you don’t see your suggestion on the reading list, have no fear as I am planning on making Member Picks a regular thing for House of Horror. I enjoy the concept of having members choose our books. Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions you have!

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The Spectre 6 (1967) (rated 12+)

DC Comics Presents: Night Force 1 (2011) (rated 12+)

Doorway to Nightmare 1 (1978) (rated 12+)

The Witching Hour 1 (1968) (rated 12+)

House of Mystery 7 (2008) (rated 17+)

House of Mystery 8 (2008) (rated 17+)

There are a few new horror comics hitting comic store shelves this week! We might not be reading the books right away and some of them might even be discussed in other clubs upon release. Think of this as a preview of what might be lurking in the dark corners of House of Horror.

Released 11/17
Graphic Novels

Released 11/24

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Anyone reading Hellblazer?

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I have not, yet. However, they are only at issue 12 so I should be able to catch up pretty easily if my comic shop has them.

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Those look like some great picks. Can’t wait to read 'em.

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Denny O’Neil and Alex Toth on Witching Hoir has caught my eye

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I have read Spectre and it wasn’t bad. I really enjoyed the psychedelic artwork, especially near the end of the book. The story was fine and it was interesting how they made pilgrims into bad guys, especially considering the era that this was released.

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Greetings @HouseofHorror!!!

The Clubs of the DCU Mega Quiz II is live and House of Horror is featured with a question from Spectre 6!!!


As I just said in the quiz , I thought you were cruel for your question but most people are getting it right. Just shows what I know.

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I have read House of Mystery (2008) 7 and 8!

HoM 7 is a lot of fun following the group in the basement. The side story was kind of bleh. I will say they tried for something different but it fell flat for me.

HoM 8 didn’t have a side story but it had the most revelations about the House of Mystery that we have seen up to this point! There is a huge surprise near the end of the book that I was not expecting in the very least and it was amazing!

I also read Doorway to Nightmare 1. I have previously read this series over the summer and enjoyed it. With Doorway to Nightmare 1 we are introduced to Madame Xanadu in her first appearance. This issue has romance and horror, which is a good mix in my opinion. For the most part, the artwork is pretty good. I had fun revisiting this comic!

#12 is the last one in the current series. I have read the first TPB and am looking forward to reading 6-12.

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Welcome to the DCU Community and the House of Horror!

I think I will end up going the trade route for that Constantine series. I prefer trades over single issues for the most part outside of a few series.