House of Horror - Week 2 - (October 8 - October 15)

I’m getting a late start. I just discovered the club. I read the first selection, House of Horrors. I really like compilation books, the seasonal ones with different artists and writers. This is much like that with a twist since all of the stories are plotted by the one guy while each story was scripted by other writers. It gives the entire book a through line to each story not usually found in a compilation seasonal book. like the theme of each story being about a recognizable superhero character facing events that you would typically find in a Horror comic. There are some really creative ideas produced in these stories, unique and fitting for each superhero involved. This book, being a whopping 85 pages, took me a couple sittings to get through all of the story’s. It was fun. Just what I was looking for this Halloween.


@Wilks welcome to the House of Horror!

I have great news for you regarding the House of Horror 3!!! We are reading 2 of the Halloween Special.

If you haven’t read Dark Mansion of Forbidden Tales, I highly suggest it. That book was my favorite of that week.

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Just finished up the Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love. Before I read it, I looked at wikipedia and read a little description of this title of books and it did mention that it was inspired by Dark Shadows. I’m glad I read that before I read the book. The soap opera feel made it pretty humorous. So very melodramatic. She fell for him so fast that I thought he was some mind controller or possible Vampire or something at first Nope, She just fell in love. BAM! LIke she got hit in the head. This is the closest thing that I have ever read to a Romance comic. Not quite sure what to think of them. I guess I need to read a couple more. I especially like the last part of chapter two when she decides to go to THE THIRD FLOOR in big bold letters. You can just hear the organs playing in your head DA DA DUUMMM. People yelling from the audience, “DON’T GO UP THERE!!!” Winds is blowing. The stairs are creaking. Bats are flying around. Bats were flying around like birds in this book. I loved the house. Very good read.


I am happy you liked Dark Mansion. It is over the top in all of the right ways, in my opinion. There are many goofy moments but so much of hit perfectly.


Little late, but my thoughts!

DC House of Horror had some pretty cool stuff. “Bump in the Night” was a fun twist on the classic Superman origin. “Man’s World” was an interesting idea, though I think it could have used a few more pages to better sell the main character’s troubled household and make that story work better.

“Crazy For You” was great in terms of art, though I don’t think I’ve ever read Harley as being quite that murder-happy, or would just attach himself to some schmuck. Maybe it would have been more effective if he was an Arkham guard who was lusting over and slowly becoming obsessed with Harley? That would better explain why the hallucination was clinging to him like that, because that was what he really wanted this whole time.

“Last Laugh” …eh. It’s been done before, in way more interesting ways.

“Blackest Day” was basically a case of “Mom, can I have DCeased?” “No Timmy, we have DCeased at home.” “DCeased at home:” Still, it was decent at least in terms of showcasing Hal’s character and his stubborn sense of willpower.

“Stray Arrow” I was a little unsure of until the twist with Dinah. Not what I was expecting, but pretty cool.

“Unmasked,” also kind of eh. If it weren’t for saying it was a “Two-Face story,” I wouldn’t have understood what made this a twist on a standard DC character, and I don’t think Dent is even mentioned by name. It felt like the least put together and coherent of the stories as well.

Finally, “The Possession of Billy Batson” was definitely one of the strongest entries in the book. I think it’s one of the stories that felt both like a twist on the character and still felt true to their original core. It’s another book where I wish there were more pages maybe showing some of Billy’s dark nature before being given the word. Part of me would like to see a continuation of this, but then it works because of the mystery – what we imagine is often way more horrifying than what we actually see.

As for Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love, as others have said, I liked the mood and the atmosphere, but I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at the casual misogyny ingrained in the romance element. “I hate him, he’s such a brute!” Two seconds later: “I love him! I want to marry him and bear his children!” Barf.

And House of Mystery, I thought was okay – it didn’t have the same pop as the first issue, between its “eh” side story and most of the pages spent explaining the concept that we already know. It’s a necessary step, to be sure, but makes it a boring issue on it’s own.


This is something I have found to be true with issue 3 as well. However, the meat of the book is about Fig and the others and that part has been outstanding, just not the short story being told by someone at the House of Mystery.