How can Wally West be saved?

I’m not sure it’s that hard to redeem him. Story worth debatable, like or hate it, let’s look at the facts. The Deaths are established as an accident. Wally, already suffering deeply from Survivor’s guilt, and PTSD, is bordering on a delusional state enhanced by the security measures the Trinity took. (Ill-advised, imho) . Yes, the things he did to release info and frame people were awful but he knew they would be solved… so honestly, yes I think with some time, reflection and apologies it’ll be pretty easy to work him back in. I mean, compared to Barry himself and Hal this is kind of minor? Still awful, yes, but if we can put Emerald Twilight in the rear view… or Batman and his Hit files on the Justice League…

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From Bleeding Cool (bad)
But taken from September Comic List (official)
Also saw on DC Daily


written by SCOTT
art by BRETT BOOTH and
cover by EVAN “DOC”
variant cover by INHYUK

His name is Wally West-
and he was the Fastest
Man Alive. That is, until
the Multiverse was
rewritten without him or
his family in it. Wally
returned and tried to
make it work, but the
damage was done.

Spinning out of the
events of HEROES IN
CRISIS, follow the man
who called himself Flash
on an adventure to find
redemption in a cosmos
that has fought so hard to
destroy him.

ON SALE 09.18.19


“Cosmos” is a funny way of misspelling “Dan Didio”.


I don’t know. At this point, just pull a Hal Jordan, kill him, and bring him back in 10-15 years.

Also, @Mr_Morbach, I do agree that that is a strange typographical error.

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Make Wally the star of the Flash feature film and watch Dan Didio pulling out his facial hair in frustration as DC has to scramble to reinstate West as THE FLASH.
(besides, the whole murdered mother/imprisoned father has been done to death in comics and the TV show. there’s really not much more a movie or two could do with that storyline and Flashpoint, while being a good story on it’s own, is not the only worthwhile Flash story that could be done. (besides, that’s been done to death as well!) While brainstorming ideas last night, I’ve determined that a film about Wally could include elements from Flash 1-2, 50 and 54 Born to Run (That actually makes a good Tag-line for a Movie Poster)and the Year One Annual (I personally would love to see a movie poster that somehow reflects Wally’s first issue cover where he’s racing the jets.)

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Maybe the time remnant from heroes in crisis can help him, I mean, they can’t both be in jail, right?

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