How do you nerd multitaske?

I normally watch anime and let my A.I character on mk11 build up my koins ect etc. etc. But tonight I’m letting my A.I character ( Harley Quinn ) on injustice 2 go through and watching the Harley Quinn show here lol

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I love multitasking! Only when I’m grinding lvls or doing repetitive stuff. I like to listen to in game sounds/music and get lost in the world when I’m playing video games.

But when I am multitasking like doing AI characters on MK11 or grinding lvls on a rpg, I mostly like rewatching stuff, reading comics on dcu, watching someone else play games, memes, playing another game, music, and very rarely watching some classic anime. Not a huge fan of anime man.

I still need to get the Johnny Cage voice announcer :sweat: It’s so much damn afking and towers. I got top 10% but when I woke up I was at 10.1% or some ■■■■ and then just gave up.
But yeah multitasking! fun!

Well yesterday I watched 60’s Batman while reading the Flash (2016).

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