How Do You Pronounce: Victor Fries' Last Name?


  • As in French Fries
  • Rhymes with Fleece
  • Same as Freeze

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Personally, I always liked Rhymes-with-Fleece. It sounds cool. Also, my mom works for a German company, and tells me that in German, “ie” is prounounced like an e while “ei” is pronounced like an i. So I think either Rhymes-with-Fleece or Same-as-Freeze would be technically correct, assuming it is supposed to be a Germanic name of some sort. Between the two, I like Rhymes-with-Fleece because it lets you audibly tell the difference between his civilian name and his supervillain name.

As-in-French-Fries is how they pronounce it in BTAS, though, so it has that going for it. And that is the same reason I say “Raysh Al Ghul.”


Great poll @BatJamags! I’m glad I could inspire it! In the show Gotham, they also pronounced Victor’s last name as rhymes with Fleece. It sounded funny to me when I first heard it, but the rationale (similar to everything you said) makes sense. My pronunciation typically mimics the source and can vary based on that factor.

Being that it’s been pronounced “freeze” in many of the good doctor’s movie and TV appearances, I go with that.

If it’s good enough for BTAS and the DCAU, it works for me.