How do you rank the current DC shows you are watching?

Legends of Tomorrow

1-black lightning (best superhero show on tv)
2-titans (intriguing and good in its own way, but as a hardcore NTT fan there is much to be desired still)
3-The Flash, though I only watch it out of love for the scarlet speedster, it’s a completely inferior show now compared to its stellar first season

Right now it’s,
#1 the flash- been watching it from season 1 and really love it
#2 Legends- didn’t love the dynamic of the show at first but, they dare to defy.
#3 Titans- I wanted to hate it, but it’s a pretty decent/great show.
#4 Arrow- it ok, season 7 is off to a good start.
#5 supergirl/ Black lightning- just started to binge. I’m not really liking black lightning.

  1. Flash
  2. Supergirl
  3. Titans
  4. Gotham
  5. Lucifer
  6. Legends
  7. Black Lightning
  8. Krypton

Honestly I’m behind on most of them, but I really think Titans is my favorite. It’s a close call with the Flash.

Legends of Tomorrow

I got tired of Arrow and Gotham though I will probably watch this season some to see him become Batman
I’m looking forward to Pennyworth

Out of the 11 shows DC has right now, I’m caught up with all of them. It’s really hard to rank them for all time enjoyment so this list if just for recent enjoyment. So for example The flash isn’t my favorite show overall but based on recent feelings.

  1. The Flash- after season 4 it really turned around for me and this season it’s getting even better. Love Nora and Ralph.
  2. Arrow- I’m loving the prison storyline. The stakes are back and once again the show improved from a lackluster season 6 (at least when Diggle was GA)
  3. Titans- Really loving Raven. There’s so much awesomeness and the ending of ep 4 makes me excited for more.
  4. Supergirl- I really loved seasons 1 and 2 more than any other arrowverse show but season 3 let me down but now its interesting with the new villain.
  5. Gotham- Season 4 was so sick it would be higher but it’s been a while since last episode
  6. Black Lightning- If i was gonna tell you last season what was the best show it would be this but it was so high quality season 1 that season 2 can’t match it right now.
  7. Lucifer- Great show, great acting. Once again been a while but still it’s very episodic.
  8. Krypton- Half the characters I really like (Nyssa, Seg) and half I don’t (Zods)
  9. Legends of Tomorrow- I still like the show but not as much as I used to.
  10. Preacher- It’s really crazy but varies from really interesting to boring (Tulip sucks) I really love Herr Starr and am excited for next season.
  11. iZombie- Now don’t get me wrong I like every show on this list but I really felt like izombie has been getting stretched out for a while. I’m glad it’s ending before it gets too stale. My favorite character is Clive. Also I feel that Lucifer fills this shows role in a lot of ways. Seasons 1 and 4 are really great. Still reccomend every show on this list. Just my personal recent feelings.

Not sure what my order is, I’m too far behind on some to rank then fairly. I thought it was interesting how everyone’s rankings are pretty different though