how is batman vs tmnt on Amazon Prime but not the dc app?

Just wondering when this movies comingnto the dc app? Amazed seeing it in amazon prime but not this app

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That’s for renting or buying. It’s not free for Amazon prime subscribers.


I think its because Nickelodeon has the rights to TMNT.
If you haven’t seen it yet it’s in redbox and you should totally check it out it is fantastic and hilarious!


It’s not on here because DCU doesn’t do rental or purchases - except for their exclusive store which barely anyone buys from because the shipping and tax can be crazy.

That said, Batman vs TMNT is ine of the better DC animated films so maybe one day, hopefully, it will get on here.

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Everything is on amazon prime, doesnt mean its free lol

Really hoping the movie will be here soon.

Nickelodeon property

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