How Many People Would Love to Have a Harley Quinn Fan Club

I don’t know about all the Harley Quinn haters out there QUOTE (Joker Fan) in my 4 days here se far I think the HQ has way more fans than nemesis the Joker. Sorry this is just one fans opinion !! :heart: :heart: :heart:

1- Yes

2- No

3- Maybe

4- Unsure

So choose a # and give your reasons



Look at my name, icon, and anything I’ve ever posted and you’ll see why that’s my answer lol


@HarleyPHD thanks so much and I now that all my Harley will be here. It’s just those one oy two Joker fans trying to make noise. Trust me if I can get a fan club, we will blown those Jokers up :innocent::innocent:


I’m a huge joker fan and I don’t like how you all act like we’re a bunch of sexist jerks. You know Harley fans can be annoying and rude too, so stop it


I would love to join the club if you hadn’t said that about people who like joker, I still might, but I don’t like being attacked because the joker got me through a bad time in my life.


That’s why I did this and like I said I have been on for five days straight and all l have heard is Jokers fans saying thing about Harley Quinn a today ie the first time I say something. Thanks for your reply and I apologize if it offended you. :blush:


It’s ok, I’m not easily offended, I’m just trying to be a good example of us nice jokers, have a nice day, and be respectful to your local clowns​:clown_face::grin:. Sorry if my reply came off rude, like I said Joker got me through a rough time showing you don’t have to worry about things so much


Personally I like both Joker and Harley Quinn. I never knew there was a such an ugly fanbase battle between them.


I think that kinda started with their break up/because of the abuse. I think both characters are super fun and beloved personally.


We’re in trouble if we start taking these characters too seriously.



Agree to an extent but understand why victims of abuse would possibly not enjoy their dynamic. I can separate the fiction from reality but I try to be mindful that for some people that actually might be a little too close to reality. I think that the tolerance should go both ways however. There’s nothing wrong with liking bad guys. They do bad things that aren’t okay.


@HarleyPHD is right. The brake up is were it starts. Like her I like the Joker as well. I think he’s an awesome character


I agree to an extent. These characters are fluid. Retcons and reality altering events change them and wipe out entire stories. Sure, Joker was abusive to her. Who is he not abusive with?

My point is I learned a long time ago to be cautious with what writers do with these characters. When I take issue (as a survivor of trauma myself) I make sure it’s with the creative teams. Like Tom King and the well intended but poorly handled Heroes in Crisis.

I don’t dislike Wally West as a result of the story. I dislike King’s depiction and use of the character. I dislike Joker’s treatment of Harley, but choosing sides in a fictional romantic relationship seems a bit extreme. That’s my take anyway.

These are supposed to be fun characters to be involved in. The moment the way they treat one another starts to make for toxic fan base division; then it’s a problem.


Agreed. In my opinion they’re MY personal funnest pair in comics. I’m really loving watching Harley blossom on her own and hook up with Ivy, but I’m always gonna enjoy Harley and Joker’s Looney Toons vibe. Harley’s my number 1, but Joker and Ivy are tied for 2.


True That @HarleyPHD. Ever since the guy at work started their talk about DC I can only focas HQ. They give me a hard about her all the time. I had per order Birds of Prey so when it came out that morning I was able to watch it right away


@Zomaster gave me this idea he said he was going to try to put together a Harley Quinn fan club so I want to help so if you like the idea say yes in the comments
And tell me what you think


Yes, it sounds fun



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This could defiantly be a thing with all the fans she has from her show and I’ve seen quite a lot of fan art for her in particular on here.


@waddup3000.93123 Thanks.

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