How would YOU change the DCEU?

The biggest blunder in the DCEU was the Death of Superman. I feel like Superman should’ve had another movie where the public was more in favor of him so that his death would really hit us. Then not to mention Cavill was confirmed to be in JL. So we didn’t mourn the death because we knew the next movie he would be back. His death should’ve lasted a little longer. The whole arc was butchered in my opinion

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I say start over. Scrap every single thing that they have coming, take a break for about 5 to 10 years, all the while making a very solid and doable plan, rather than jumping the gun and attempting to be a competitor in the film industry. Once they have their heads on straight, they can come back and try again. While the most recent films have been decent to good, I would acknowledge that none of the films are necessarily great. It’s time for a do-over.

I still want a connected universe. It appears there’s enough haters out there that want a full on reboot. I think making a movie like Crisis on Infinite Earths could be a great way to reboot the Universe & make whatever casting changes they want & go from there.

They could just make it a Justice League film & call it Justice League: Crisis.

I would fire zach snyder and then use the flashpoint storyline to reboot every DCEU movie except for Wonder woman and shazam to make it more comic book accurate.

A flashpoint movie would be a great way to set up a new dceu

I was done after Batman V. Superman and looking forward to a reboot, but I have to say their, “Scrap continuity and do whatever seems interesting,” approach seems to be working out. Aquaman was good. Shazam looks amazing and I hear good things. Upcoming projects like Joker seem really promising as well.

It’s odd and I’m annoyed they botched Batman and Superman, but I’m interested to see where they go.

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I’d keep Batman dark, give Superman another sequel to lighten it up, and keep the loose continuity.

I really like how in Aquaman they only mention “you helped defeat Steppenwolf” and that was all. I’d prefer them to keep their own indivual identities and hint at the larger world instead of going full Marvel and having every single bit tied in.

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I would like to see some more of the Comic book writers involved as co writers . Seems to work out for them.

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New Gods movie. Very risky though but it could help hype Darkseid up

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DC movies need to lighten up! Save the grimness for Batman, where it belongs. Realize that audiences like teams who like each other (see recent and current box office numbers). SHAZAM is a great start, as with the attitude of AQUAMAN (not the script…).

Don’t slavishly ape the Marvel formula. You guys have equally beloved characters, so get back to their essences shown over the decades, which is why we love them. Have some friendly insults and personal frictions present, but keep them respecting and supporting each other. We don’t need no civil war. And introduce lesser-known characters in well-constructed and entertaining, enjoyably preposterous stories.

DC is poised on the future in which they’ll make their characters beloved by people the way the Avengers are. Their original stuff, including the BIG hit DOOM PATROL, shows that DC is beginning a roll, and is roughly in the same spot that Marvel found itself after IRON MAN. Look to the future, with a long-term plan. If they did it, you can, too.

And make Superman SMILE again!

This comics lover, who started at 13 at the dawn of the Silver Age, wants DC to become the equal entertainment behemoth to Marvel for at least a decade. The future demands it!

I would make the movies more bright/ colorful. As well as more cheerful and comics acccurate

I would make the movies more bright/ colorful. As well as more cheerful and comics acccurate

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