How would you improve Titans?

  • Don’t add anymore characters. Keep Donna, Raven, and Jason off now that they’re left. Keep the cast small since this show clearly can’t balance the dozens of characters. Maybe add Tim Drake but that’s it.

  • Enough with the emo misery. The Trigon horror house, Cadmus torture, Dick in prison. All overly miserable stuff. Some TV shows do miserable tone really well. This show writers can’t and it ends up sounding like teen dark poetry

  • Actually have the heroes in costumes being superheroes? Two seasons in and Kory, Gar, and Rachel never become Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven. Dick doesn’t wear his costume the whole show.

  • Cut Hawk and Dove or give them a spin off. They take up so much time and go in circles of flip flopping about being heroes or not.


I think that hawk and dove deserve their own show… they end up with their plots feeling forced and crammed in to the show. Considering that they’ve been my favorite part of the show for the most part I would prefer they just get their own show.

These are perfect notes. To a T! It all starts with widdling down the cast count. While most of them are good acting wise it has proven to be an incredibly difficult juggling act for them. Hawk and Dove had the best episode Season 1 but they are hamds down the ones that should go and become a spin off.


Kinda disagree I don’t think Rachel turned on Dick I just think she wanted to get out of the tower and she used the team’s Dick Jericho situation as a excuse to leave the tower Because Beastboy said it in a episode Dick keeps them in the Tower all day.

The problem with the show is the berlanti recipe. The team spends more time fighting itself then actual villains. Even when they come together they just can’t have a win. This show is a little bit higher quality cue show with better budget but even still you can see it’s not a gods one. The fight scenes are poorly choreographed and their timing during the scenes is bad. Also they need a different scorer. The music helps set the tone and don’t do a good job with this.


The same recipe used for Doom Patrol as well.

I’m kinda hoping Titans has a more hero packed 3rd season and gets replaced by something different.

  1. The following actors/characters are awesome: Dick, Donna (she better return), Dove and Starfire. The rest are less appealing though the one character that needs to evolve more is Raven. I’d also like to see some of the costumes become more contemporary and less comic book like (Dove’s costume is the worst along with Deathstroke’s daughters).

  2. More action, teamwork, and like what everyone has said - build ups to Trigon and Deathstroke were lengthy but the final episodes ended way too quickly and were lacking in complexity.

  3. Some things just don’t make sense: Donna going toe-to-toe with Superboy but then couldn’t fight Deathstroke and gets electrocuted? Hawk being back despite his body being torn up and needing drugs. I’d like to see more training, confidence and teamwork. Probably should get a few super villains in the mix too.

  4. At the end of the day, more good triumphing over evil. More lessons learned. Hope.

  5. Final thing: not sure how to fix this but cameos by Wonder Woman and Superman at some point would make sense.

I realliy enjoy this show and will look forward to Season 3. Let the comics inspire but then embelish. Have fun. More confidence (i.e., the Titans should be going after Lex Luthor).

Dove’s costume adds so many things to the show… And her character. when you look at her interacting with other characters when she’s not in costume you would never ever expect see her. come out in that crazy wild outfit. Okay Connor Kent needs to get his memory back and keep it so that the show can move forward. Deathstroke isn’t he is old and unappealing as a character do we really need to see him or Bruce Wayne ever again I don’t think so as far as his daughter goes Yanks what’s up with the eyepatch what’s under there are big Crystal or a scab or what? quit killing off the characters like okay aqualad one episode… Wonder girl,. Two characters with the most powers?

I would try to formation of finding the ways to keep all 13 Episodes Team related , actual TEAM , I was watching Comicstorian his issue was we got the Tail end of Last Season with the Trigan battle .
Then a cluster of back to back Solo Stories. Maybe Have Marv Wolfman write come of the show too get that classic New Teen Titans feel .

I like this show and all the characters but the pace needs some help. And how they beat Deathstroke was not very good. Plus the the ending of season 2 with the death (incase anyone hasn’t seen it yet) was awful…


I was so bored by this show and how badly written it was I canceled my sub. Peace out. I’ll catch Doom Patrol Season 2 on the flip side (HBO Max).


Or maybe focus on actually good writing. There’s enough humor. That’s not the problem.

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I would hire new writers.


I disagree. The best parts of the show to me are the more lighted hearted moments, including those where the characters actually show they like each other.

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I could not be more disappointed with the show, the last episode and just everything that happened. Like really just when I thought it might be turning into a decent show a freaking metal tower falls and electricity kills an amazon? So your telling me if wonder woman would have caught that that electricity would have killed her? I’m not trying to be mean but that has to be the dumbest thing ever. If they really wanted to kill her they couldn’t have come up with a better way than that? They wait until everything is over and a tower falls and electrocutes her I mean common that is so cheap, but by now i really shouldnt expect anything else. The whole season was just a run around gar can still only turn into one thing and donna troy gets killed by a big metal pole falling that she caught and it electrocuted her its just cheap and not good i wish it was better because it could be great!!!:confused:


I think they are going with the origin where Donna was just a normal girl that WW rescued and the amazons trained. Also dont think she is dead. I think Rachel will revive her. Also this is my favorite DC show currently.

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Instead of killing off the characters, maybe change the writers.
The characters are so hypocritical to what they say/do.
Don’t have dick “change” then have him act the same.
Dont have connor talk about the fair is his fault, all the mess wasn’t done by him.
Dont have like 5 titans just stand there watching a power tower fall.
Dont have connor instinctively jump to save someone falling from a skyscraper and then have him just watch as Donna goes to save people.
Don’t have Donna use her bare hands to hold the tower when she has her rope.
Don’t show brainwashed gar kill “rachel” in a test then just sit there as Rachel is in front of him.
Stop having every season end with Rachel using her “unstable” powers to fix brainwashing.
Stop with the brainwashing already.
Stop with the melodrama, you set these characters up with really good issues for character progression, but waste it on silly ■■■■.
Dick character arc about becoming a leader was poorly done. ‘Im a loner, now im not, now I am, now im not’. Dicks arc is super simple, kid=goofing off, getting up to no good, loyal to Bruce, adult=finding role, learn to lead, learn to trust and not manipulate team.
Rachael’s arc is all about learning self control and how to keep that control while opening up to people. You have her as team glue for some bizarre reason.
Gar’s is about maturing. Titans take is interesting, but you have him constantly eating people, weirdos :P. Give the boy an arc already.
Hawk and dove is very different than I know, but it works with the cast for it, except the relationship drama part. You could have the two act as pillars for eachother to lean on for growth of character, but yall are stuck on the ‘I love you, now I hate you, now I love you again’ crap.
Also the fight scenes are kinda crappy, but that’s what you get for doing a live action series about comic book heroes, kinda hard to replicate animated limitless possibilities to real world laws of physics.


Im pretty sure if she was just a normal girl she wouldnt be able to hold and/or catch that tower in the first place or be able to stand toe to toe with superboy. So I dont think so…

They refer to her on the show as Half Amazonian.

I think most people don’t understand just how dangerous electricity can be. Even 110 volt can kill you in some circumstances. In Donna’s case she had both hands on the same metal tubing, and was standing in water. The current could have easily passed through her on hand to another going through her chest. Essentially overloading the electrical signals to her heart. This cardiac failure.

She doesn’t have the impenetrable skin like Supes and it’s not even as tough as WW, being half human. If you think about it, plenty of heroes were gloves or gauntlets that can mitigate the electrical issue. Nightwing. Jason, Hawk, & Dove all wear some kind of glove.

But, because of the way she died, I think there is a good chance Raven will be able to heal her.