Human Target S1 E1&2 Watch-Along Mon. Jan.14 8pm ET/5PT

$900 wow

Are they good or what?

I mean cops

I feel like someone in the room isn’t trustworthy, but I don’t know who.

very interesting…

I’m not sure about this intro music. Maybe it’ll grow on me.

So he’s like a secret agent but for a small private agency!?

That’s what it seems like.

He fluent

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That’s a nice looking train

Fancy ass train

He’s good… swiped her phone already!


Is that him?! He does like familiar


Yea he played Rorschach and Remake Freddy Krueger

HAHA they’ve been bamboozled TX!

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Ha took her a while to figure it out

WOW he’s a good guy to have around.

I wonder if that train is suppose to be the shows version of Amtrak trains while they were being developed

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