Huntress: Year One (2008-) #1

Huntress: Year One (2008-) #1

Pretty good start but I feel the writer missed the mark on a bunch of stuff. Helena’s faith did help guide her through the darkness and the writer sorta chucked it to the side. The talk of ‘actor/actress’ sexist stuff came off as forced. That kind of thing is below Helena. She isn’t the type to get caught up in that nonsense. Which is why her dynamic with Black Canary is interesting in the same way Green Arrow is with Hawkman. Opposite sides of opinion but can still work together.

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I knew very little of Huntwress’ backstory. This was shockingly brutal and tragic.
The opening monologue felt like we were rushing past the dramatic parts, only to go right into flashbacks recounting what was just shared.

Other than that, rather solid and I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.

Cool #1. Diggin the art too! Thanks Alex Jaffe for highlighting this series!