Hydro #2

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Hydro #2

Atlantis, under a dark time.
Military Training
Armor: Dark Red Chest, Black Gloves, Pants, and Shoes.
All soldiers: Black Hair
Soldiers age 10-11. Just beginning

Officer: Ocean Master Helmet
All Soldiers have a Shoulder which is black that black shoulder has the name of each individual soldier.
One soldier has Triton, another Moray

Atlantis should feel oppressed but full of potential.

Officer: Hail!
Soldiers at Salute
Officer: I am ashamed of your work today, our glorious king deserves to see better.
Realize that in the admiralty, you will do your absolute best at all times.

Points to Triton

Plain effort will not be tolerated. Come here!

Pulls out whip

Stand Straight.
He doesn’t look tired. He isn’t doing his best.

Whipped. Images of whips and red blood are combined with images of the army. The army’s red should come out.

Triton looks fragile and broken

To your rooms!

Waller’s facility. Big hole but largely intact.

Assassin is Eel-like
Hydro gasps
H: I was told you were dead
Assassin brandishes harpoon and swings
A: I was.
Weapons clash
Weapons clash
Weapons clash
Hydro is forced to slide backward.
Hydro uses Trident to steal water from Assassin.
Assassin stumbles
Stands up
As if I didn’t prepare for that.
Assassin sends a stream of electricity through the stolen water

Triton collapses

A: I thought this fight would be harder

Waller releases turrets
W: Oh it is.

Assassin retreats behind a wall. Bullets fly everywhere
Assassin launches harpoon turret broken.
Harpoon returns
The assassin shoots electric waves at two turrets. Both explode
1 left. Out of bullets
A: I’m impressed at how pitiful that was.
Assassin looks at Triton’s spot
He’s gone

A: What
H: Behind you!

Bunks. Orderly but tiny. Beds feel off from everything else. Red windows, black walls, green sheets.

Triton is lying on the bed, blood stains the green sheets. The water around him is bloodstained

Moray: I can’t believe they did that to you. I mean you weren’t the only one not sweating.
Triton: …
Moray: Hey, can I help you
T: …
M: stand up
Triton stands painfully
Moray begins to take off his armor.
Triton winces repeatedly.
Moray strips him naked (chest up is seen)
Takes out the army undergarments.
A red Trident in the center of a black compression shirt
Black Underwear
Black Tights
Moray sees his back.
Big lashes straight down the side. Red blood diffused water.
Moray clothes him.
It’s painful, it’s intimate, it’s awkward, it’s beautiful.
Triton is gowned.
T: Thank you
He smiles

To be continued in Hydro #3

More Triton and Moray.
Hydro and the Assassin Talk! Kinda

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The story is intriguing. It’s a little difficult for me personally to follow along at times because of the structure. This seems like a script to a tv show or a movie. Very interesting what Waller is doing. Could you do one where you write a short bio or blurb about who each character that has shown up so far is?

Of course. There’s a weird thing where the first issue is really earlier. Wallers actions are unclear and will play a bigger role long term. Short term, this mysterious assassin is the main focus. I wrote it like a comic script because that’s how I think. I do feel i’ve gotten better over time.

For a better, understanding you can read the cluncky triton origins and Ying Yang #1 probably would redo them now. Might redo them for the vol. 1 release.

I read all of them in order :slight_smile: Really like how you think and the characters are being built up.

Thanks! Hopefully #3 really changes how you view the direction of the story. Next week on Monday!

Also I’ll work on the blurbs!

Cool! Maybe I should only post on Mondays too and we could be like New Comic Book Wednesdays, but with Fan Fiction and on Mondays. I just get antsy not posting the story as I write it.

I’m down for it!!! I’m just doing weekly so it doesn’t feel like I have giant gaps of waiting for the next story.

So…is Moray a guy or gal, I may have missed the description earlier? Nice time jumps to fill us in on the past while keeping the plot going in equal measure (Titans should try that).


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