I am so Happy about the new comics added here.

I have not been here looking at the comic book list for a couple of weeks, just coming by to see the latest episode of the Doom Patrol, which has been a solid show since the pilot. Then last night a buddy of mine said he was happy with the comics here and my response was dismissive, “Yeah I guess, but they go away before I can read what I want…” or something like that, but he insisted things have changed. I took a look and THIS is what I wanted to see from the beginning of this site. Classic stories from decades past from books that I loved but are not ‘popular’ with today’s buyers. For example, I loved Ted Kord but now Blue Beetle is Jamie and that’s all was posted here, until now. So many great titles that made this old Marvel addict look at DC and kept my attention, like Wally being the Flash and not Barry, or seeing Connor taking the mantle over when his father died. Whomever changed the comic book listings, thank you so much.