I love you Titans, but that Bruce Wayne

To be fair almost any british person doing an American accent and a miles better than an American attempting to do a british Accent. Gary oldman and Christian bale were british and they both played American characters in the dark knight trilogy. The only American who did I mild good job at a british accent was robert Downy jr in sherlock holmes

Because some days you can’t get rid of a bomb, and Adam west does!!! Without everyone thinking he died. Also unlike bale he didn’t kill every fish in Gotham harbor

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So if I understand, he is the best Batman because:

  1. He got ride of a bomb (any onscreen Batman not done that?)
  2. He didn’t kill every fish in a harbor (how many fish is a human life worth?)

Interesting list… and we didn’t even get to the anti-shark spray. Lol

Mind you all, my dislike of Adam West’s Batman is in no way discounting his contributions. I very much understand the role his show played in keeping the Batman line alive.

That said, for someone to enjoy his portrayal the best -outside of simple appreciation or nestalgia- baffles me when we have so many other versions that top it.

Nah everyone here who isn’t saying Kevin Conroy is the best is wrong. I just was having fun

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Man, that was classic! I still laugh thinking about it.

Most of the other versions present him as a miserable and intolerable human being. West’s Batman was certainly motivated by his parents’ death (as he states more than once in the first episode), but he doesn’t sit around moping about it constantly or alienate his very-much-alive loved ones because of it. He actually tries to make a positive difference in the world in honor of his parents’ memory instead of being toxic, paranoid, and emotionally abusive. In other words, he’s the Batman of the 40s-60s…the superhero version of Batman.


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I have enjoyed season 2. However, some of the writing for it did not give the actors the ability to do what they could. Ian as Batman was never given the chance to come out of the box so to speak. Write his role as one he can embellish and he could be the best Batman you ever saw. He is a fabulous actor. He did the best he could with what they gave him in Season 2. I do like the new Nightwing.

He comes across as too damn old. The time line is he’s got Jason Todd as his new Robin. Now if this is true then by the time Tim Drake comes along Bruce will need a cane and by Damian a wheelchair.

Easy enough solution: skip Tim and go straight to Damian. After all, the DCAU skipped Jason and went straight to Tim. Plus, let’s be honest: it’s RIDICULOUS for Batman to have so many Robins in his career, and we tolerate it primarily because the writers never quite throw out Batman’s history with each reboot (even if they really should).

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Love the Flair reference :+1:t3:

To be perfectly honest I like that there are so many Robins. If you have one guy who never seems to grow up it sort of ruins it. Greyson, Todd, Drake, Brown (for a short time) and then Damian. And who’s to say that’s the end of it? When they die it drives home the point that no one is invincible. However the Robin’s always seem to find a way back from the dead, Todd and Damian.


Mr. Noodle? From Elmo’s World? Didn’t he get eaten in Jurassic Park 3? LOL! I think it was the same actor.