I really want Sam Elliott to play Commissioner Gordon Sometime

He has the perfect mustache for the role of Commissioner Gordon, and thats 74% of the character right there! Look at this image and tell me he doesn’t look the role!!


I like Sam Elliot. I’d be down for him giving the role a go. Maybe in a high quality fan film.

He talks to slow to play Gordon, he does look the part though.

Holy crap that is PERFECT. I don’t know if we’ll see him as Gordon in live action any time soon, but maybe in animation?

In a similar vein, I always thought Tom Atkins would’ve made for an interesting Gordon. When I saw Night of the Creeps, I couldn’t help but think if you gave him glasses, he’d be a perfect Jimimage


I could buy this. My only exposure to Sam is from The Ranch, I think.

raises a Lebowski Style bottle of sarsapirilla in honor of this excellent suggestion

Sam Elliott’s inclusion in a DC production is long overdue.

Also: “Beef. It’s what’s for dinner.”


As much as I would love to see Sam as the Commissioner, I must agree with LexCorp. Not only does he talk slow but his southern accent is so strong he could never pull off Gordon’s big city cop accent!

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Sam is old, so sometime is now

If Daniel Craig, Elijah Wood, and Daniel Radcliffe are willing to learn the American accent, I have no doubt a veteran actor can change to a New England city dialect.


Good point

OMG that is a brilliant casting suggestion.

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Uh . . . perfect

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gary Oldman and Christian bale were both british. and they didnt have a problem, plus jim Gordon was originally from Chicago, so he could work on that accent instead.

I think everyone is just so used to Sam Elliot’s deep southern voice, it would be awesome to see what he sounds like with a different accent. He totally looks the part for that role though!

Oh my gosh that would be perfect

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Heck, yeah that would be epic.

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