Idea for New DC Series

This is an idea I just came up with for a new DC Universe exclusive show (animated or live action.) I should warn you that this idea may sound a bit crazy, but I figured if the Doom Patrol turned out as great as it did, this might have a chance as well.

So, I’m proposing a show based on the more obscure DC team known as the Creature Commandos. For those unfamiliar, they’re an elite special ops force in the US military, comprised almost entirely of classic monsters - aside from the group’s human leader, Lt. Matthew Shrieve. The other group members include Warren “Wolfpack” Griffith (a werewolf), Dr. Myrra “Medusa” Rhodes (a gorgon), Pvt. Lucky “Patchwork” Taylor (a Frankenstein-esque monster), and Sgt. Vincent Velcro (a vampire.)

Lt. Shrieve appeared in an episode of “Arrow”, and the entire group briefly appeared in the penultimate episode of “Batman: The Brave and the Bold”, but other than that, this team has been mostly ignored outside the comics world.
A show starring the Creature Commandos could be very interesting as a dark, gothic, mystical take on the typical superhero story, and would explore deep themes like what it means to be human, how society rejects those who are “different” in some way, how someone would react to losing their humanity in the wake of becoming a monster (all the members used to be humans), and possibly a message about the nature of war (this did start out as a war comic, after all.)

So, is it a good idea, or would it be doomed to failure? Let me know what y’all think!

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