I'm Calling Out The Riddler...

DC Gods might ban him (hopefully) if he keeps being mean

Technically, if a chair is similar to one of those camp chairs, you can take it with you.

But, high intelligence does come at the cost of respect and appropriate communication skills.

Plus, if this version of Riddler’s major crime is speaking, there are many ways to discourage criminals.


Tell that to the James Bond writer who wrote Goldeneye! I agree with you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Dang ok. I thought a chair was to obvious plus you cld take a chair with you unless it was some big monstrosity. That’s what frustrates me with riddles some times, there cld be multiple answers and some times it seems like the only way you wld know the answer is if your the one asking or know something about the person asking. Like that one I saw on here I think by the Riddle or one of the mods about the sparrow in the tree with a machine gun. Who would thing of a sparrow with a machine gun and that isn’t even possible. Some one correct me if I’m wrong please but was that not from the New 52 Zero hour story line? its been a few years sense I read it so I cld very well be wrong.