I'm Mad For Swamp Thing

Mad for Swamp Thing is the best mini-show I didn’t know I needed. Since the Swamp Thing original show aired I have been hooked on the character. My buddies and I gathered every weekend to watch the show and discuss the brilliance of this, a comic book show that in a heavily saturated market’s ability to find an unexplored niche and capitalize on that aesthetic. Swamp Thing was the unsettling, Lovecraftian horror of the DCU and they killed it before it was given a chance to shine. I honestly believe if the show wasn’t cancelled as soon as it aired then significantly more people would have tuned in for the entire season. As it is, most never checked it out, even my most die hard friends were ambivalent. However I persisted to watch every week and found myself enraptured in the world of the Swamp Thing. So much so I proceeded to purchase and read all 6 trade paperbacks of the Alan Moore run of Swamp Thing just to fill my void. I went and watched the 1980’s Wes Craven adaptation at the San Francisco Alamo Drafthouse’s version of Mystery Science Theater. I watched the even worse sequel to that movie “Return of The Swamp Thing” and I watched the god awful cartoon show for Swamp Thing. I caught a ■■■■■■■ fever. I thought I was the only fan out there to become enamored with this storied legend of the extended DC universe until tonight when I stumbled upon “Mad For Swamp Thing.” This miniseries showed me that there are other fans out there, young and old, but most importantly active. This show was riot, I laughed and I gasped and I lamented. If anyone enjoyed Swamp Thing and longs for more this is the show to scratch that itch. If you’ve read Alan Moore or Scott Snyder’s runs on the character and thought “Wait… what?” this is the show for you. Watch Mad for Swamp Thing and more importantly #SAVESWAMPTHING

You know,
i was skeptical of if the feel of swamp thing could be captured and sustained in a series, but this show has happily proved me wrong! I just hope the rumors that it’s will be cancelled are false! THIS is my favorite show on Dc Universe!

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