I'm Watching Every Single DC Thing on HBO Max (Help Me)

Ok so i made a list of every single dc thing on hbo max and i have a bag of numbers 1-70 and randomly select every day ive watch a couple if you want reviews i will do i will let you know what movies i get im gonna try to do more than one a day.


Assault on arkham and Suicide squad hell to pay. Please let me know when you review them if you do I would love your feedback. Thanks :blush:

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Might as well give my two cents in. Assault on Arkham is great and thankfully remembers that the Suicide Squad is a team made up of evil villains. Hell to Pay is generic, and it suffers from too many villains who have no real impact, but Copperhead was great.
Make Waller fat again. She is better that way.

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Watch stuff here too

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Another great source is the library. I found many movies there (and my absolute favorite comic).

Good luck