Injustice Gods Among Us Complete Collection T.P

** might be spoilers for those of you new to the I.G.A.U ( Trade Paperbacks ) **

If you are new to this series I am not spoiling the ending but first asking about how the story transfers from Comic to Video Game.

An that right there is my main question / comment. I have finished the complete collection of year 5 after waiting what felt like eons to get it, only to find out that hey not only is this the conclusion, but it really isn’t because it leads into the video game. After searching endlessly for a tangible comic to finish things up, I just couldnt find it. So if there is one out there that wraps up the conclusion to year 5, i would appreciate it. I don’t know about any one else, but I had to watch the " game movie " via youtube, and it wasn’t bad, people that spend time editing things together i felt did a pretty good job and the Injustice 1 and 2 gave me the personal closure I needed for this series.

I was though a bit miffed with DC at really milking this, If it wasn’t for youtube, I might have given in to my OCD tendencies and bout a game console and the games to figure out how the blazes things end.

Was anyone else annoyed or surprised by this ending of Year 5 ?

Did you love the series , hate parts of it ?