Is Grant Morrison's JLA the Definitive Justice League Comic?

We’ve seen many iterations of Justice League, the powerhouse team that puts DC on the map over and over again. So what makes Grant Morrison’s take so special? This article explores the ways Morrison, the comic book rock star that has reinvented so many of our beloved characters, gave Justice League an arc that can arguably be called “definitive”.

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Do you agree with our writer, or do you have another Justice League story you plant your flag in as the ultimate in Justice League lore? Let us know in the comments below!


For years and years, Morrison’s run has been my favorite on a Justice League title. The writing and art of his tenure perfectly unite into a harmonious unification of wonder and awe. My favorite arc is Rock of Ages. JLA is also the book that made me a mark for Morrison’s DC work.

I will say though, that as time has gone on, Geoff John’s fifty issue run on the New 52 Justice League has inched it’s way up towards Morrison levels of awesomeness. It’s by far my favorite New 52 series and whenever I revisit it, I enjoy it more than the last time, which says alot.


While I loved the Morrison run, it was because I loved the Silver Age JLA so much and his returning of the title to the og 7 was a breath of fresh air.

It’s definitely the definitive run. First World Order remains the best Justice League story to this day.

One of the pluses of New World Order (my second favorite arc of M’s run) is that each part of the story is named after a classic science fiction movie too. The art is snazzy too!

I’m beyond excited to get into JLA after I finish Doom Patrol!! Grant Morrison has some phenomenally enjoyable writing.

I’ll never disagree with a Morrison support theory. He’s earned it for sure.

You should hear Morrison’s assessment of the character Bloodwynd (a former JLA member for those unaware, from Justice League America, the JL title prior to JLA). It’s kinda iffy, so I won’t say it here but, he’s not a fan of the guy.

Justice League, like most teams, works best when there are new members, as well as old veterans.

Wally and Kyle provided the ‘Oh Wow’, viewpoint that the reader needed, when the earth shattering events go on.

Like in the new Fatal Five, Miss Martian, Jessica Cruz and Star boy will provide the same function.

Similarly, Red Arrow, Hawk girl, Vixen and Black Lightning were the new members in Brad Meter run of Justice League, presenting different viewpoints from the veterans Trinity, Green Lantern and chairwoman Black Canary that first arc, with Red Tornado, in his quest for humanity, is first class

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Johns’ run is my favorite, but love Morrison’s run as well!


It’s so unreal I cannot stop!!! Been off board & everything else. Just took a break, going straight back. Next issue is downloaded & waiting.

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