Is Green Lantern Corps the DC's Star Wars?

Does the Green Lantern Corps Universe have enough too Be The DC Star Wars? You Could Say Hal Jordan Is Like Luke Skywalker since he’s struggled with the Light and Darkness much like the Jedi and Sith.
I suppose you Could make a Case that the New Gods make a better case, But Orion just isn’t Green Lantern
Also in terms of Space Adventures Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is Light years ahead of the Space Adventures game.
Think of all the Spin offs and Realms to explore in the different color rings. I think the veils been uncovered , but so many people have yet to see the potential of how big space is in DC lore. And it doesn’t Have to be Hal it could be John Stewart played by Idris Elba then they’d have to get Star Sapphire who I think Rosario Dawson could play her. And I think the best plot to start with would be Rise of The Third Army
But For movie reasons have Hal - Sinestro - Kyle Rayner in Black Hands dead world.