Is it possible for Doom Patrol to be a daily show?

I understand that for Doom Patrol to be a weekly show may because you want ppl to stay in DC universe longer. Though I feel like this show would be awesome if it could be daily.

Each week, mostly Monday they’ll talk about the new episode that came on.

There aren’t enough completed episodes fir that.
They could have possibly scheduled to dump multiple at once like Netflix does.
But since they didn’t schedule it that way, I am absolutely positive that they don’t have anything beyond eps3or 4 complete at this point.

I’ve always dreamt of a daily super-hero show.

When I was very young, Batman was on every day in the afternoons. Sure, they were syndicated reruns - but I didn’t know that. They were all-new to me. Every day.

When BTAS was first released, we got new daily episodes for about two weeks. It was glorious.

I mean, soap operas can do the daily thing, right? :smiley:

What a thought, @jypan600; I can certainly relate when it comes to the desire for it. How cool would that be? :slight_smile: