Is it true that issues 1 - 20 of the 1980 New Teen Titans will be pulled on 10/15?

Mods? Or anyone in the know? I’ve seen a couple posts in the community saying as such but I have not seen this anywhere myself. I am on issue 10 and want to know if I need to power through and read them in time. Its already happened where some other comics were pulled and that was disappointed in itself. I’m gonna flip the heck out if I lose these issues after reading so many.

I’ve asked in threads and haven’t got an answer yet. Apologies for making a new post but I’m hoping this way I can get answers.

Also, if it is true that they will be taken down, could you please direct me to your source? Thanks!!

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I’ve been asking the same thing!

This is the source that says when the books will be pulled


Good to know – guess I’ll be reading a lot of Titans the next few weeks! It would be nice if they put in when these books are being rotated out on the description page, if they have to be in such a short rotation.


Seriously? These windows are way too short.


This is ridiculous with this limited time nonsense

Unlimited is coming soon maybe even this week right?

Hopefully, they’ll take a tip from another fairly successful comics company and get their comics section to be something worth having it is infuriating trying enjoy this service with one issue in each series

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Yes they are. And just for reference for everyone, keep up with the Watchtower section of the community. The mods post what’s coming and going there.

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Not really. They only just today posted in the Watchtower section when the titles would be leaving. The article was only posted two days ago despite the titles showing up on the 2nd. The mods would never clarify when these titles were leaving for the past few days until I posted the link in this thread. Now people who do keep up with the Watchtower section will only have 4ish days to read 20 issues.

Well i just signed up and am pretty bummed about this. Ive always wanted to read the wolfman stuff but i cant cram that many issues with work and a family.

It’s nice they want to keep this fresh and exciting but this is a little bit too fresh and too exciting

it’s not exciting it’s evil!

Yeah it’s just been confirmed that they will pull 13-20. Why they keep the first 12? I don’t get it. All I know is a have to many in a few slap days.

What’s the total issue count of the 1980 run?

Should I just read 13-20 before they get pulled and read 1-12 after? It’s a lot to read in such a short window.

And to think I decided to jump into Birds of Prey. I do plan on powering through this weekend because I have the free time to do so but that is a rarity.