Is Pennyworth coming to the DCUniverse app?

Pretty much what the title says: Is Pennyworth coming to DCUniverse? It looks like its only going to EPIX? Why wouldn’t it be on DCUniverse?


I hope it does! Probably not until after the first season is done though. That’s what happend with Krypton.


It’ll probably come after the first season is done which makes sense

Pennyworth is an Epix original series produced in conjunction with Warner Brothers Television.

So…Epix will likely retain broadcast, on-demand and streaming exclusivity rights to Pennyworth for a good long while.

DCU might then get it as a shared exclusive after enough time in the agreed upon by WBTV and Epix licensing agreement has passed.

That’s my theory.

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Yes, like Marvel and Netflix, I hope eventually WB and DC retain or buys out all the rights to the various DCTV shows they have with various networks (Arrowverse, Powerless, Gotham, Pennyworth, Constantine, Krypton… and all the animated fare) to host them here for good. But that might not happen for a good long while.