Is Teen Titans Go that bad?

It’s okay, I will admit it. I did like the show for a while, and I agree that it is aimed at young audiences. But I really do think it’s not very good. It can spin way out of control very very fast, bridging from funny to inappropriate very quick. Comedy is not screaming constantly, injuring yourself, talking about butts, and singing about food. The comic references are good, but I just don’t think this show lives up to DC. I think my main problem is how they portray the characters. Everyone is constantly screaming and being stupid, portraying the characters in a similar light. It’s not right. Robin and BB are some of my favorite characters, and while I’ll admit they did get BB as a video game loving teen, they way they portray Robin disgusts me. Robin is one of my favorite characters, and having him portrayed as a screaming, immature, ego-maniac control freak who likes butts is not ok for me. The rest of the characters are ok, but Robin is not. I have watched the show and I won’t anymore, out of respect to Robin. And Batman. His character is awful in TT. This is my opinion, agree if you want. You don’t have to.

It’s awesome for children. And it has some good jokes for adults. Doesn’t deserve all the hate it gets. It’s not supposed to replace the og show, it’s a different version.


My view on it is: I would have been 100% fine with it’s existence, if they hadn’t cancelled a better show to make it. They should have taken a page from the Transformer’s playbook, and aired both the “action and drama oriented show for ages 10-15” and the “goofy comedy with characters from the franchise for ages 4-8” at the same time for maximum profit and fan retention over time. Kids could have graduated from TTG into TT as they got older.

@Vroom, JLWWSM, and Truth_of_Pisces, I agree its Hilarious and a great spoof on the characters.

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I haven’t watched the show, but I loved the movie. I saw the trailers and whatnot released and thought it looked fun, went to see it and I loved it. It’s actually funny and filled with really cool references.

I love Teen Titans Go! Everyone has different ideas of good and bad content, but to me, no, this is absolutely not that bad at all.

Yes, yes it is

Some love it, some hate it. Clearly, something like TTGo! is not going to be loved by all, especially for some of the more serious DC fans.

But personally, I LOVE it.


I enjoyed the movie, but the TTG show is not my cup of tea. I haven’t seen much of it. OMIGAWD.

…i’m a SERIOUS comics fan…