issue to start at for black mirror

Please assist me find the best issue to start at so I know what’s happing in and leading up to Batman black mirror

So I see the actual start point to black mirror but I need help finding how far back to start to get the gist of what is happening

I think all you really need to know is that Dick is filling in as Batman right now. The first issue of Black Mirror is Scott Snyder’s start on the title so you don’t need much background.

If I remember correctly (no promises), Bruce is off gallivanting around the world starting Batman Inc, but that’s not useful information to what you’re reading.


I mean you can read the full Morrison run (Batman, Final Crisis, Batman & Robin, Batman Inc) for the full context, but that’s a ton of issue and the series stands very well on its own. Dick is filling in for Bruce while he’s traveling through time… after being hit with Darkseid’s Omega Sanction. Damian is Robin. The series itself gives you all the information and context you need to enjoy the story.

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Don’t sweat the small stuff. Start at Detective Comics #871 and go from there.

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Thank you all for the help very much appreciated :slight_smile:

One more question. What is Batman inc?

It’s the sequel/conclusion to Grant Morrison’s massive Batman run. It’s excellent, but you definitely need to read the stuff that came before it.