Issues With Updating Avatar/Username

Has anyone else been having issues with changing your avatar or username on this app? I’ve changed my avatar and username in the “My DC” section and it’s not updating my profile when I enter the “community” section. I then navigate to my profile and it still hasn’t updated no matter how many times I attempt to change it. Is there a way to remedy this or am I simply doing it wrong?

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I changed my background a coulle of times.

I had to logout

Then login

For change to take


That worked! Thank you. I should have thought of that sooner. You’re a real superhero! :wink:

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You’re welcome.

Things like that csn drive a person crazy.

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I want to change my username to azarathmetrionzinthos but it’s not letting me for some reason and I’ve checked and it’s not a Character count problem