It's friday, what are your plans for today?

I watched Titans episode 3, about to play Red Dead Redemption II for a good while then come back tonight to rewatch the newest Titans episode during the watchalong

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That sounds like a really amazing Friday! I played some Red Dead last night, it’s absolutely beautiful, hope to play more tonight. Looking forward to watching Titans with everyone later for the Watch-A-Long :slight_smile: See you then!


Watching Titans then joining the watch along

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Watching titans and bo4

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Titans is in my very near future too!!

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I’m really hoping the Apple TV issue is resolved soon so that I can join the watch-a-long this evening. In the meantime, I’m reading and enjoying the essential Starfire stories recommended on the homepage.

I’m working tonight but I’ll be watching Titans later tonight after work and dinner most likely.

@harleyspuddin you should stop by the watch along party tonight

@bizzarr1000, I would love to but I have havoc to create in Gotham tonight! :wink: I will be sure to catch up afterwards though.

I hope you do a watchalong guest appearance before the season ends