It's new comic book day. The best day of the week

It’s a huge day if your into the Year of the Villain.
Aquaman #54 Black Mantas.
Batman/Superman #4 The Batman Who laughs.
Infected Scarab #1.
Justice League #36.
Nightwing #66 Talon and the Court of Owls.
Supergirl #36 Supergirl the Infected.
Teen Titan’s #36 Crush.

Waiting on completion:
Batman/Superman #4 The Batman Who Laughs.
Metal Men #2
Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #5
Question The Deaths of Vic Sage #1.


After reading all the Y.O.T.V. books today I wanted to figure out if there is a reading order to the books to help anyone along. I would say they mostly are contained to the individual series.
I think that that Supergirl should be read before Batman/Superman…

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