Jared Leto to Play Joker in Zack Snyder's 'Justice League'


I’m curious if he will have an updated look. Nothing major but maybe a different haircut or lipstick color?


@KandorianBullWorm- as long as he’s not bare-chested in three day old sweatpants cavorting about in that goofy purple alligator skin duster he was sporting in ‘Suicide Squad’ I’ll be OK with him back in the character’s shoes. I mean, c’mon- this look was just so off brand for the Clown Prince:

Perhaps Z. Snider will take a cue from past Caped Crusader artists like Neal Adams and contemporize this classic 70s suit look that Joker wore in the Five Way Revenge storyline:

Or- maybe Snyder could coif Leto in line with Frank Miller’s unforgettable presentation of Mr. J in ‘The Dark Knight Returns’:

Anyhoo, whatever look that Mr. Snyder and his costume design team choose for the Joker will probably be a big step forward from the character’s troubling look in SS.


I’m so glad someone posted about this. I just found out and wanted to discuss lol. My first reaction: What?? Was he always meant to be there? Are they changing things? Are they gonna use the unused footage from SS? Is he gonna talk about killing Jason? Thinking about Jason makes me wonder about Dick. How many characters are gonna be in this thing?

I was not part of the campaign to release the cut, but damned if don’t get more and more interested every day!


Unfortunately I’ve got a bit of bad news for ya’ @kiarrasayshi- in an interview a while back Snyder confirmed that the Robin costume that we see Bruce wistfully looking at in BvS is none other than Dick G.'s costume- Harl and Joker caused the demise of the original Boy Wonder. When I first watched the film I thought that that costume belonged to Jason as well, but sadly Dick. G. is apparently dead and gone in the Snyderverse.

Same here. Very much looking forward to seeing just exactly what Snyder’s original vision for ‘Justice League’ entails.


So I was part of the “movement”, I don’t recall anything Joker related being talked about or shown. There was some talk about him being a survivor during the Knightmare timeline… but even that was more in the Justice League sequels.

This is a pretty big surprise. They just seem to be adding more and more to this… which I won’t complain about! :smiley:


Didnt see this one coming, but it’s interesting. Hopefully they write him with some humor this time.


Omg what?! :exploding_head:

Ok so I hate that. The only bad part of injustice was Dick’s death (a stupid and rude way to go). Not a fan of this either and will probably ignore it if I can. What a bummer.

Not sure how joker is going to fit into the story but that makes me think the Snyder story is very different than the one we saw on screen, unless it’s a quick cameo. They may just want to build hype for the movie by talking about it.


I always felt like there was something more to his situation that people forget about, I honestly don’t think he got much of a chance, and here’s why I think this: (gets into analysis theorist mode)

Yes, his look is completely different and I understand why there are people that are strictly classic Joker style, I get it. Then you have people who liked the opportunity to see something different, because its nice to try new things.

Next, Joker isn’t the only one that’s all tatted up, Harley in this universe is too, but there is an obvious difference of outlook with this. This type of style is mostly expected of Harley but not for Joker, and I think that was the point. They made their version of Harley a certain way and it can be easily assumed that they wanted a version of Joker to match, forming an aesthetic for their relationship that was supposed to be on screen (because back then people didn’t know what would happen with SS).

This leads to my next point, we get a lot of screen time with Harley, but not him. Most people will say that Harley was the gem of SS (along with Deadshot) while Joker was in about 5 minutes of it. We know Margot’s version of her and a lot of people like it (some don’t, but that’s okay). All we know about Leto’s version is what has been barely shown to us, the Joker is someone who is an agent of chaos, and Leto didn’t get to have that opportunity, the real version of the Harley/Joker relationship didn’t even get to be shown to us (we all know about this so I won’t dive into it too much, and Ayer did admit that he feels bad about it).

There’s also the fact that to Leto, this was his literal job. Imagine getting a work assignment, working on it for months day in and day out and then find out once it’s finished, your boss says “Hey, we’re not gonna use it!” That would be devastating, wouldn’t it? So in a way, I can feel some sympathy for him because you can easily tell that he wanted this role, he wanted to do something different, some like it, some don’t, but I think that he deserves to have a chance, especially in an area that has room to let the Joker character be. SS didn’t have room for him, so I hope that Snyder does.

Who else is willing to give Leto another chance?
(Yes I know that as a Jason Todd Jaywife that is extremely ironic, but still)


Yeah… that I don’t get either. It’s obvious that a lot of people would like to see Jason in a movie, and I feel like the only way that he can be brought in is with a different version of a backstory. I don’t know how, but I feel like it would be the only option at this point, unless Flashpoint can fix this issue.


Solid point you’ve made here @TheSpookyWifeOfJasonTodd. It seems that one of the reasons that moviegoers and even the critics’ community came away with such a negative take on Leto’s performance was due in large part to the scripting and editing choices made for the film’s final theatrical cut. Mr. J is a triple-A top tier DC villain who requires center stage attention in order to flourish and Ayer made a bold decision (one that ultimately turned out to be a big mistake) in his attempt to shoehorn the legendary Gotham City baddie into the script as essentially a supporting character (an avoidable predicament that was compounded even further by limiting the screen time of such a talented actor like Leto in the role). Leto’s in character screentime comes across as disjointed and without focus which is why I think so many came away from watching the film so nonplussed with Leto’s performance. Also- I’m sticking with my take on the film’s wardrobe choices for Joker because, sure, while I do wholeheartedly agree that it is a good idea to try new and distinct choices for characters’ looks that have stayed essentially the same in their previous presentations, ultimately the onus is on the costume designer(s) to make informed choices that will enhance and fortify the character’s onscreen look, a target objective that SS costume designer Kate Hawley missed the mark on in a big way with Joker’s costuming. Hopefully Snyder can right some of 'Suicide Squad’s wrongs in his inclusion of Leto in his JL cut.



This is devastating. I know with live action, it’s be kinda hard to fit in so many robins, but not Dick! I don’t think this is even happening anymore, but wasn’t there talk of a Nightwing movie a while back?

But everything’s gonna be okay. We have Flashpoint coming. Dick can be okay. tries to hide distress We’ll be okay…


Agreed @kiarrasayshi. I was so so upset when I heard the news as well. However- Flashpoint = the ultimate equalizer of questionable decisions made by directors. :grinning: :+1:


Yep, as both a Harley and Jason fan, I prefer the version of the story where Harley wasn’t involved, thankfully, that’s what multiple versions are for :sweat_smile:… right?


Definitely. But hey, at least the peeps in charge of the movie making now understand the importance of taking a character like the Joker seriously. Hopefully, lessons learned :pray: :relieved:


Yes. And I also like the idea that was kind of talked about during fandome of not making all the movies directly connected. Some can have shared actors, others, like The Batman and Joker, are their own thing. I like the idea of cameos and hints at things, but I also like the freedom of every movie being its own thing.

This is all code for “I don’t care just give me a not dead Dick Grayson. Or at least let me see him on screen before you kill him so I can imagine him faking his own death to become a spy”


I enjoyed him squad. So looking forward to see more of this. Really hope he has fight with Bats. Even if it’s a little skirmish or even a battle of words something. That’s at least something each Joker should get a chance to get and this one sadly hasn’t had the chance yet.


Agreed @TheSpookyWifeOfJasonTodd.


Agreed. If he and Batman don’t have a power scene between them, they’ve wasted his potential.


OMG yes to all of this @kiarrasayshi. :+1: :purple_heart: :laughing: