Joker launching an origin series

I know there has been rumors and talks about a sequel to Joker. I would watch a sequel, however, I’m not sure they need to make one.

My thought is to create an origin series. Each movie would follow the same sort of vibe as joker (with the dark and gritty tones) and be a take on a different villain/hero, and how they came to be.

For instance, you could make a Penguin movie. It could follow him as mayor and show his change and transformation into Penguin.

Would a series like this interest anyone else? If so, which villain/hero would you like to see as part of it, and what would that movie look like?

I am not sure about what specifically I would have it look like. But as far as dark and gritty origin stories, I would love to see Mr. Freeze get that treatment. His origin would make a great tragedy.