Joker War

I recently heard of some of the comics coming out in May. And I seen Joker War but what is it?

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It’s apparently going to be a big Bat Family event that was first hinted at in the final pages of Batman #85, with Joker showing he not only knows who Batman is, but all the Bat-Family, and has plans to kill them all, but not before destroying Gotham first. It’ll primarily be in Batman, but we already see that it’ll cross over into some of the other titles, like Batgirl.


It’s what Jay_Kay said but seems like mostly a cash grab. The synopsis I read sounds very very close to Endgame. And personally, I really dislike Joker knowing their identities but that’s just a go to Bat story these days (I know he learned it awhile ago).
I do hope this story explains how he went from amnesiac Joker after Endgame to not amnesiac, Batcave prisoner Joker in Metal.

As cool as the phrase “Joker War” sounds, I can’t imagine I will like it half as much as I enjoyed The War of Jokes and Riddles.

I’m looking forward to a good Joker story! I just hope it’s twisted AF!

As far as Joker revealing identities goes…

Superman revealed his so it only makes sense with the direction we’re going.