JSA Book Club

Thanks! Glad to be here!

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Here’s the latest club discussion topic. Enjoy!

I’m so glad this club exists! The Justice Society is my favorite team.

  1. I’ve read most JSA stuff from the 90s onward as well as a good bit of the Golden Age stuff, but everything in between is pretty new to me.
  2. Alan Scott and Jay Garrick.
  3. I started reading the 1999 JSA series around 2007 or 2008.
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Here’s Week 10. Enjoy!

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Overlapping weeks is a great idea, thanks!

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JSABC Week 11 is live. Enjoy!

  1. I’m very familiar with the JSA. Longtime fan of the Earth 2 heroes. All Star Squadron is one of my favorite series ever.

  2. Golly, that’s hard. There are so many and they’re all so good. I’m going to go with Liberty Belle.

  3. It would have been one of the annual JLA/JSA crossovers, although I don’t remember which. The first comic book with the JSA I have a real concrete memory of was Adventure Comics 461.


Welcome to the JSABC @dave_worrell. There is a link above to our current discussion if you’re interested in participating in it.

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Yes, I’m rereading these issues and will jump in later this week.

For my money, All-Star Squadron from issue 27-37 was the best run of any pure super-hero comic I’ve ever read.

Here is the link to Week 12.

Here is the Week 14 link. Enjoy!

  1. Very familiar with Johns’s run. Not that familiar with previous works.
  2. Stargirl
  3. Not long time. JSA #1.
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Here is Week 15’s link.