Justice League Book Club Week 6: The Rise of Eclipso

What an epic! I​:heavy_heart_exclamation:a good teamwork story. Everyone played a part… really I think everyone.

This was my first read with Dick taking the mantle of Batman. I think it suited in this series. Dick’s levity was a nice balance to darkness of the story.

Then there were the brain spiders- :scream:

I won’t be sleeping tonight, unless they are wearing top hats.
Overall -:+1::+1:
The story was dynamic and fast moving.

Totally agree.
The art did a great job holding everything together through all the chaos. Sometimes when there is soooo much happening, it can get a little muddled.
The final issue was the only low point for me. I get what they were going for, the long good-bye and all; but the writing was not there for me. It’s a big and poignant moment; but the feeling was just not there for me. Especially, if an entire issue is dedicated to the conversation. However, this was my first exposure to this team; so maybe I’m just not getting the full scope, and need to read the full run on its entirety.