Justice League Dark (2011-) #13

Justice League Dark (2011-) #13

I can’t believe that between #13 and #14 DCU missed the important annual #1 which was finale for one story before starting New story in #14. If you are going to give us a series please
Provide the competely series!


this is just like the vampire crossover INCOMPLETE, very frustrating PLEASE give the complete story when you put stuff on line

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I cannot agree more. Loved the story…only to find the ending (and parts of the middle) not a vailable, even with a subscription. And this is only one of MANY titles like that on this site. Between the glitch reader, the clunky site navigation and the fact you only get promotional level content with a paid subscription, I’m cancelling. Hopefully Comixology is a better value. Had high hopes for this site, big let-down.