Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

Don’t get on to me, @DeSade-acolyte. I just review things before I watch them.

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@Behemoth, I think that’s great. :+1::+1:
I think a lot of agro would be saved if more people did this. An informed consumer is always a good idea. It’s folks that demand DC, or any other creator, make things specifically for them, I take issue with.

I’m not really into excessive gun violence or gore. Not my thing, but I’m not gonna say people need to stop making it. I just choose not to read it or watch it.

No issues with me towards you on this.

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Re Rated R issues


Constantine and Zatanna go do it at first few minures of movie

Violence excessive

Many many grisly deaths of beloved characters

Heads, arms bitten off

People burned to death

Swear words

A few swear words, mostly as characters approach imminent death


Non.graphic statement that two characters had relationship in the past


They wake up in bed together. I don’t know if that really implies “they go do it” but it does imply they slept together.

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Just talking indirectly.

I am careful now since two of my posts went to review by moderator

Even though.I copy pasted
From.an article on.the internet
one of the words was a forbidden word

Post stayed in revirw for hours. Until I deleted it

Read post carefully
found the bad word and
then.put spaces between each letter.

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So implied but not actually shown.


I understand. I’ve had more than a couple posts go up to the mods for a certain keyword. Some have even been pulled.

Having just finished watching JLD:AW I can say there is a lot of blood, but with paradooms and a Suicide Squad right out “Hell to pay” swapping deadshot with king shark, I’m not surprised.

There is a fair amount of cursing and drinking. Given the dystopian world, that doesn’t surprise me either. The heroes of this dystopia are hardly paragons of virtue. Upstanding values on that level have basically gone out the window or been beaten out of them.

These are certainly some things some people don’t feel comfortable with for them and/or their kids, and that’s understandable. If someone falls into that camp, I’d suggest giving JLD:AW a pass.

From a “parental guidance” standpoint, I’d put this about on par with “Hell to pay”, a bit more blood, about the same amount of cursing and slightly less direct in the sex component.

FWIW @Behemoth that’s my content review.

I must confess I liked it, I thought the story was good and while there is all the blood and cursing, it never felt forced.




I forgot about the drinking

Lots of drinking, mostly to forget. Once, with Boomerang, one final drink from a flask before he journeys into death.

I have no balance, so I can’t drink, unless I want to fall.

I should have looked up what people object to.

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Cyborgs’s final line was great. It’s sets up in one direction and goes (with a bit of cursing) in a different direction. A nice little surprise, subverting expectations but again going through what he’s gone through, it makes sense. To me, anyway.

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I must confess, had I not been browsing the superhero cocktail thread, it probably wouldn’t have occurred to me to mention it.

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There is swearing, gore, violence, sex references and a lot of heavy emotional tones

But I would rate it 5 out of 5

Not safe for kids, anyone on the spectrum (saying this because my younger brother is autistic and loves dc and marvel), folks with heart conditions or feint of heart.

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Thats shameful.

This has been the standard since they announced it in October.

If they announced the 90-day policy last week that’s one thing. Saying something is “shameful” about something that we were informed of seven months ago…no.


Well thank you very much!

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It was such a good movie. I watched it with my son. We were stuck in the action. Where do they go from here?

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I never realized that Flashpoint Paradox and Constantine: City of Demons were part of the same series as Justice League: War and Throne of Atlantis. I knew the two Teen Titans movies were part of it, along with Death of Superman and Reign of the Supermen. I also assume Batman Badblood was part, which means that by extension so was Son of Batman and Batman vs Robin. What about Wonder Woman :Bloodlines, the relationship between Wonder Woman and Superman was mentioned in it. It was a really good series and I’m sorry to see it end. Here’s hoping another starts up soon.

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When do we expect the movie to show on Dc app?


90 days after the blu Ray release. It’s said earlier in this thread


Haha. We loved it too @Son_Of_ODonn! If you think that’s gory and violent, don’t watch the Deathstroke series (is it a “series” if they’ve only released one episode? :thinking:) - it’s nuts!

Did you decide to check it out @Behemoth? I’m curious to know what you think.

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I have not. I might rent it. But I haven’t bought it.

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