Justice League Movie Is Pretty Darn Good

So I like most of the people on this app have been a DC comics fan for most of my teenage years and to the present of my adult years.

See I always found it funny that people (critics and mostly fans) have always hated the gritty and brooding dark movies that DC was putting out. Those same people always compared to Marvel and see everyone how light and upbeat those movies are. My thinking was and still is if DC did the same thing then people would still hate DC movies cause they would really compare them to Marvel saying “DC is just trying to copy marvel.” So DC being darker and gritty is their way of separating from Marvel.
Though now we got a lighter and more jokes in Justice League and most of those same fans who hated the dark and gritty are now wanting the dark and gritty version of the movie.

So when Dawn of Justice came out I looked at it as the first time in cinema history the three biggest comic book characters in the entire industry were coming together in a movie. Was it the greatest movie? No not by any means but it was still a good movie in my opinion.

With Suicide Squad I thought again DC was trying to be different then Marvel on this. Marvel never released a movie all about villains. Again the history of it satisfied me. Again not a great movie, thisnone was more border line for me. The whole story with Enchantress really left a bad taste.

With Justice League, I really enjoyed. Again the history that happened on the big screen. I thought it was well done for what the production was faced with. (Zack leaving and Joss stepping in.) Are there things I would change of course, but you cant tell me that of any movie.

Okay off my soap box now lol.
I am looking forward to the Snyder cut as well.


I was not a fan of the “dark and gritty” Snyder style we saw in MOS & BvS. I actually find JL a cute little movie. I think you might be confusing fans that wanted their “dark and gritty” and didn’t get it. I for one have no interest in “Justice League : The Covid-19 Cut”
If, as has been reported (But still speculation) That additional shots are to be done for this cut, it isn’t even the infamous “Snyder Cut”.

BvS had a pedestrian cost multiple and should have been a billion dollar revenue film at a minimum. It only managed a 3.5.ROI. The two biggest brand names in comic books In one movie for the first time, and it couldn’t Even manage anything close to $1 billion.

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Funny thing I just saw it the other day again. I’m a person that enjoys most stuff especially when it comes to DC. So perfect or not I alway find myself entertained in some way weather it’s an action scene costumes performance something else or a combination of any of them that bring that entertainment. And Justice League did that. I enjoyed it when it came out and enjoy it today. But I’m also excited to see the Snyder cut as well. Always up to see more DC content.



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At the time of Justice League’s release, I was adamant - and remain steadfast in believing - that the film was entirely consistent, tonally, with its three predecessors (MoS, BvS: DoJ, and WW).

Yes, there is more overt humor, but that is more indicative of the individual stylistic tastes of Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon than anything else and actually makes sense in the context of the narrative and the ‘ripple effect’ that BvS’s events had on the characters and setting of the film.

Justice League having more overt humor also made sense as a ‘bridge’ of sorts between the earlier DCEU films and films like Aquaman and Shazam and built on what was done in Suicide Squad.