Justice League Sequel

My Ideas for the Justice League Movie Sequel


•|It has been 5 years since the Justice League formed to defend earth from the attack by Steppenwolf. In that time, Batman has retired from active missions. Instead he now provides the funding, weaponry and serves in an advisory role for the team, while focusing more of his attention on Gotham City.| |

•|Superman, knowing earth is safe in the protection of the League, has been on a mission in space for two years, intervening to protect the civilians of this foreign planet from the ravages of a civil war that threatens to cause lasting damage, not only on this one planet, but also to other planets in the galaxy, for there are intergalactic terrorists here, who are attempting to steal advanced bombs that make earth’s nuclear warheads look like firecrackers by comparison.| |

•|On this planet, Superman befriends the sole survivor of an ancient race of green Martians. His name is J'onn. His new ally helps him in his fight against the terrorists.| |

•|Cyborg has left the team to pursue his own goals of spending more time with his father and learning to adjust to his robotic body. |

•|Stepping in to fill those spots on the League are new recruits Shazam, Mera, and Katana.| |

•|Wonder Woman is the team leader. Aquaman and the Flash are still proud members of the Justice League.| |

•|The League has partnered with S.T.A.R. Labs for assistance and Ryan Choi (John Cho), a scientist who works for them, is one of the Justice League’s most helpful and trusted advisors.|

• Senator Godfrey (Tom Selleck) has just been re-elected once again as a United States Senator representing Metropolis. He has now been in the House or Senate for over 40 years, since the 1978 elections.

• Before this, Godfrey was the son of a wealthy oil baron in Texas, who, inspired by the Space Race, became an astrophysicist. He first gained notoriety when he was in his twenties and early thirties using the money from his family inheritance to start a radio and later a TV show, warning of the dangers of extreme climate change.

• In 1970, when he was 25, Godfrey went through the traumatic experience of losing his partner to suicide— a suicide caused by a mutation giving him metahuman abilities and powers he was not prepared for. He began going insane because of his sudden emergence of telepathy, the voices in his driving him to end his own life just to make them stop.

• Godfrey spent the next 5 years researching, studying, interviewing, finally discovering that the metahuman mutations are being caused by climate change.

• The sudden emergence of metahuman energies caused a “blip” on the radar screen of an alien race known as “The Dominion.”

• The Dominators have meta-tracker / meta-killing technology because a group of metas on their original home planet went wild and slaughtered many of their people.

• Now they travel around the galaxy on a perceived “savior”/ “liberation” mission, of invading and colonizing different planets in the name of “liberating” them from the threat of metahuman mutations.

• Earth resident Senator Godfrey caught the Dominion’s attention because of a speech he gave about the growing threat of metahuman mutations, and the need to develop a “cure.”

• A Dominator representative reached out and made an agreement with Godfrey: They would provide the technology for the “cure” to metahuman mutations, if he assisted them in their future planned invasion of earth, providing them with intel and secrets about earth’s best technology, and the weaknesses of its strongest defenses. They assured him the invasion would not happen for another 70 years, after this generation was gone. So he agreed to the deal.

• Godfrey planned on double-crossing the aliens, and he began using the Dominator tech to start Project: CADMUS, a secret government program creating controlled metahumans that would work for the US government and defend earth from the invasion.

• The first CADMUS metahuman was Captain Atom, followed by Metamorpho a few years later. After Metamorpho’s mutation didn’t go very smoothly, the project was put on hold while they worked out some bugs.

The project was started up again a few years ago, with Professor Martin Stein in charge of experimenting on Ronnie Raymond. A lab accident ended up fusing both of them together into one body as Firestorm.

• Godfrey is attempting to pass legislation to force all Metas to be administered the new “cure" drug, which will remove their superhuman abilities, allowing them to live a normal life.

• Unknown to Godfrey, however, the drug provided to him by the alien race called “Dominion,” is actually a deadly virus that will kill metahumans in a matter of weeks or months, putting an end to their perceived threat to the alien race.

• Once Godfrey had Dominion technology at his disposal, he was able to use it to gain knowledge about Darkseid and the fact that the Dominators, in recent years, had made a devastating attack on Apokolips, being the first alien race ever to break through the many layers of defenses Darkseid had established on his planet. Eventually Darkseid prevailed, but Apokolips suffered heavy losses, in both soldiers and infrastructure.

• Godfrey uses Dominion tech to contact Darkseid’s assistant, DeSaad, making a pact with him to double-cross the Dominators, by sharing the Dominion technology and their plans with DeSaad.

• Wonder Woman leads League to track down the highly volatile Firestorm before he causes any destruction. When they find him, they are confronted by Captain Atom and Metamorpho, sent by Project: CADMUS to bring their escaped patient, Firestorm, back to their lab before anyone else does.

• A battle ensues, with the League convincing Captain Atom and Metamorpho that they are on the same side.

• The League, with the help of Ryan Choi, are able to stabilize Firestorm, learn from both people in his mind that Godfrey is the one behind all of this.

• The League hunts down Godfrey, and in absolute desperation and fear and his mind unstable from the thought that he has unintentionally killing metahumans instead of curing them, he has a secret weapon, a bomb rigged to go off, with a mutated form of the virus inside—one that will not only kill metahumans, but also regular people. He threatens to detonate it unless the League stays back and allows him to escape. (The Dominion were planning to use this as a “last resort” in their Invasion — it carries some risk of disease and harm to the Dominator race as well)

• Suddenly he presses a button on some kind of remote-control device in his hand, and Godfrey makes a hasty strategic retreat through a newly-opened BoomTube portal “until the appointed time.”

• The League learns from Godfrey's computer files that this was merely phase one of a plan of an alien race known as the Dominion. Now they must prepare for phase two: The Invasion.

The End-Credits Scenes:


•|The first end-credits scene will have Abin Sur (Matt Damon) crash land on earth, fleeing the Manhunters. He gives the ring to Hal Jordan, setting up the Green Lantern Corps movie with the Manhunters storyline adapted from the Justice League Animated Series.| |

•|The very last end-credits scene is J'onn and Superman successfully defeating the intergalactic terrorists, and then J'onn telling Superman he’s been doing undercover spying work and has discovered that the Dominators and their mothership, which wiped out his home planet Mars, are heading toward earth. The last words he tells Superman: The ship is known by the name “Brainiac.”| |---|---| |

•|This would set up the DCEU for Justice League 3 and 4, which would be a two-part story, like Avengers Infinity War and Endgame. JL3 would be “The Invasion,” and JL4 would be “The Darkseid War.” In JL3: Invasion, the Suicide Squad will team up with the League to fend off the Invasion of the Dominators and their Brainiac Mothership. JL4: Darkseid War will bring Darkseid to earth in search of Brainiac, the power he needs to at long last conquer the entire universe, and Darkseid also seeks vengeance on the Dominion for their prior attack on Apokolips. The Dominion had attacked Apokolips while Steppenwolf and his army of Parademons were on the away mission attacking earth. |