Justice League vs Spawn

I have always wanted a 6-12 issue series of “Justice League vs Spawn”
My dream team to work on it would be Todd McFarlane, Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, and Jim Lee.
The series would be out of continuity, and would see Batman investigating a string of unexplained murders in Gotham City and eventually comes face to face with Spawn. Spawn would make quick work of Batman, nearly killing him.
Batman spends months healing, and eventually reveals that during his battle with Spawn, he was able to cut off a piece of Spawns symbiote suit and he reveals to the League that it has ties to Apocalypse.
The League would eventually battle Spawn and they will get defeated but live to fight another day.
Some how The league finds out that Spawn has several different dna types including Darkseids dna and they come up with a way to defeat Spawn by removing the symbiote off Al Simmons.
Al Simmons now free from his suit, he starts to remember that Darkseid kidnapped his wife Wanda and In prisoned her. This caused Al to make a deal with Darkseid. Al is to return to earth and set mother boxes all over Gotha City and set it up as the destraction point so Darkseid and his army can then blindside the League and kill them once and for all.
Batman, Barry Allen, and Cyborg are able to reverse the dna and set the symbiote back to it’s original form.
Now with Al Simmons and his suit back to normal, the Justice League agree to help Spawn rescue Wanda from Darkseid.
The Justice League and Spawn head to Apocalypse for a epic show down with Darkseid and the forces of apocalypse. Saving Wanda, killing most of Darkseids army and badly wounding Darkseid himself.
Darkseid is left licking his wounds and rebuilding his army for a long time to come.
Back on earth The League and Spawn part ways but both agree that one day Darkseid will retaliate and both sides agree they will be ready for his return.

What do you guys think? Have anything to add or change let’s hear it.


My dream is for Frank Miller to write it (and a Hawkman comic).

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If it’s 6-12 issues long and drawn by Capullo, at some point early on I’d want to see Desaad convince Spawn that the League is coming to crush him for what he did to Batman. If he has any hope of surviving that encounter, he’s going to have to team up with his rogues gallery. All of them.


Good call! Let’s add Miller to the list for sure.
Would you add him to the writing team with Scott and Todd or let him take over writing all together?

OMG YES! I can image one book dedicated to the epicness that would be that battle! No dialogue until maybe the last page. Just violence, destruction, and survival!


If they could get McFarlane to do another book with DC, I’d be all over it. Any book.


Add him and watch the fireworks.


Not as down for this after the last time he and MacFarlane worked together on the first Batman/Spawn crossover- Todd’s art was great, but Frank’s writing was more current Miller than DKR Miller.