Justice League vs. The Fatal Five: Your Thoughts (SPOILERS)

The movie wasn’t horrible nor the best of the DCAU, but I enjoyed it. I was a bit irked that Batman sent an innocent man to Arkham Asylum, and not follow up on what the eyewitnesses said. I think it would’ve helped if the movie was lengthened to show more of the Legion and the 31st Century. My last criticism is I wouldn’t have used Ms. Martian in the movie. I would’ve used someone else like Supergirl considering her character’s history with the Legion. Other than that I did enjoy how much screentime the Green Lantern Cops got from Jessica Cruz to Oa to the GL statues. I was so happy to see Kyle in the statue lineup. We need to see more of that guy! I also loved that they used Kilowog, and kept his GL:TAS design.


This is my favorite scene From the movie , it shows Jessica Cruz sitting at home, keeping to herself before she switches into her Green Lantern outfit and faces The Fatale 5 for the first time, I also really love the see of Ms.Martian Her and Starboy at the burger joint . All in all this was a great introduction to Jessica Cruz GL , Starboy, Justice League and JSA.



This combined two of my favorite DC concepts into one movie, the LoSH and the Green Lantern Corps. Having JLA in the mix is just icing on the cake. I have long enjoyed the Fatal Five. They are some of the more well developed LoSH villains. Having them face off against an ill prepared Justice League was a great idea.

In general, I would love to see more LoSH material done. They are a great concept, and I really love seeing them. They helped form my love of comics when I was a child, I read them avidly. I would love to see some of the classic stories from the 60’s updated and done as animated features. Admitted, some of them were a tad on the silly season side, but not all of them. I’d also like to see some really grand scale Green Lantern Corps stories. Maybe they should explore just exactly why the GL Corps faded away. Did the Guardians decide they were not needed, did some disaster destroy Oa? Did the GL Corps just pick up and move to another sector of space? What about the planets that were so important in the 21st century? Does Thanagar still exist? What about Rann? What about the Martians? Did they ever make a comeback? These future history stories cry out to be told.

On another level, god, I wish you guys would do a Metal Men or Inferior Five movie. I loved those guys, and still pick up anything on them I can. Phil Foglio’s Angel and the Ape series featuring the Inferior Five was great. That would make a great movie in and of itself.


I like it! I was trepidatious after Batman & Harley, but this is the Timmverse I know and love, just with better animation. But the forced use of profanity was embarrassing, as if just hearing the s-word would make me feel like I was watching a MATURE superhero cartoon.

I liked Jessica and Ms. Martian and it was GREAT to see Mr. Terrific being so awesome. I knew he had it in him! The Fatal Five were great, with the minor niggle that Persuader’s color palette was flat and boring. I like his Kirbyesque mask, though. And boo to bald Brainy! I missed the contrast between his hair and skin.


I thought it was one of the weaker DC animated films so far. Nice seeing the Timmverse visuals back and I loved seeing a 2d version of the GLTAS Kilowog design which gives me hope that GLTAS could get revived and survive dropping the CG for budgetary reasons. But I felt that the Justice League played too much a supporting role to prop up Jessica Cruz. For me seeing her best the Fatal Five while the Justice League lay in defeat came off as bad fan fiction Mary Sue writing.


I was thinking exactly the same thing. The video has some nice elements, but ultimately I felt cheated by the writing, especially at the end.

Loved it. Focused on obscure characters to most audiences, while simultaneously giving characters who need no introduction, exactly as JLU did.


this movie was awesome-loved the original animation with new characters and call back Easter eggs-- we need more movies like this!!

I loved the mental illness angle and over coming it . To still be heroes I am trying to get my mother and sister to watch it. They declined because it’s animated

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I really enjoyed that movie. Loved the addition of Jessica Cruz and Miss Martian. Very interested to see more of them in the future, especially Jessica. Her haunted backstory made her interesting, I’m very interested to learn more about her. I was really touched by Starboy’s sacrifice and really enjoyed his character as well, I think the whole movie was done well, and though I foresaw Starboy as helping towards the end I actually didn’t expect that ending. I expected Jessica to absorb the energy from the eye since it was all green lantern energy and stop the eye that way while Starboy and Superman sort of held the sun together with their abilities. Great movie.