Kid-friendly comics are here

Will Scooby Apocalypse be added?

Re kid comics

From Appejack Office Hours last night

3, Similar to the last one, what
determines what"kids" comics
are featured? For instance, Tiny
Titans is on here, as well as
the Justice League and Justice
League Unlimited cartoon tie-in
and Lil Gotham (the last one
might not be in the same batch,
but you get the idea)

This is a bit more of a quagmire
that does not have a strict for-
mula, so I recommend we lay low
and not point out comics that we
want to stay here that probably
don’t fit the spoken mold.

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Another topic bump for those looking for kid-friendly comics!

Glad to hear Tiny Titans is on here. That was a fun series. For some reason, DC sent me this for a few months when I tried to cancel my subscription to Nightwing back in the day. Weird, but I ended up learning about a new series I enjoyed.